Interviewing is one thing, but I can’t get an interview…

In the Interview

Many people tell me it’s one thing to WOW the interview but I can’t seem to get one, I mean I know I am qualified and I just want to work, I have sent out thousands of resume and the result has been abysmal as desperation consumes their energy…Most people make the same mistakes which include a boring cookie cutter resume that Does not do justice to your value, look for work in the same places as everybody else and do not follow up on the inquiries they make not to mention a few other things. There are jobs its a matter of changing your search and your attitude.

Today the focus will be on how to continue marketing you so that people ooh and aah when they see your resume and suddenly you are getting calls for employment opportunities. Welcome to the boot camp, where breaking those limiting beliefs will become engraved in your DNA!

Let’s talk resumes. As we move centuries our attitudes and our values change. The mindset that resumes need to look identical especially in a recession is WRONG. Companies know what the duties of a job are, they don’t need mindless regurgitation, companies want to make money, so your resume should like the interview skills demonstrate your value and your personal contributions.

The most important thing about writing a resume is adding things that make your stand out. Make your resume unique by adding your personality to it. For those of you who saw Legally Blond, when Elle Woods applies to Harvard she submits a pink resume that is scented. Get your voice heard even on a resume.

“It’s Pink and it’s scented” “It does smell good”

Interviewing is one thing, but I can’t get an interview…

Everyone on the committee initially laughs when they see this resume at Harvard and so does Professor Callaghan, but they remember it. If you make your resume more than a typical cookie cutter looking resume you will stand out. Every little bit that gives you an edge will put you closer to getting your dream job.

NOTE: Most recruiters and hiring professionals spend 15-30 seconds reading your resume. Which means they normally look at the top 1/3 or top ½ of your first page, if something grabs their attention they will put you in the initial yes pile.

Tips for making your resume stand out

They can be used individually or in combination. (See sample resumes to get ideas)

All are very simple points that individually and collectively can produce an exponential return on investment in getting your foot in the door.

Any trick to get your foot in the door

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