The Path to Success: The Perfect Interview Part 1

Landing a job is a lot like dating. The right match requires a chemistry and a connection that starts with a conversation and the energy of the interaction. Henry Ford said:” whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t You are right!” Mr. Ford was wise beyond his years, as our attitude is the KEY that unlocks all possibilities. Most studies on women, show that the 2 most important things a woman seeks when meeting a man are confidence and sense of humor. Humor can be learned and applied to personal life experiences and Confidence can be created in an instant by changing your state of mind. To do this; simply BE Yourself! Let your Energy SHINE. Just visualize at least one of your favorite experiences, activities, foods, places, people or things. RE-live the details as they relate to your 5 senses and let that in. Welcome it! Cherish it! Experience it! and have it in the background before stepping into an interview or approaching a woman. This will create an instant connection and attraction as your energy/aura or ambiance will shine through. Have the confidence you already have the job and the interview is a formality because you are confident in your abilities to make money, save money or increase the company’s efficiencies.

For those of you that have ever been promoted internally at any job, your employer did not come to you and say Billy Jean tell me about yourself…The employer comes to you and says: Billy Jean you are doing a great job, we would like to give you a little more responsibility, more money and a better title, are you interested? Of course, what they are really saying is: We would like to duplicate your efforts so that we can make more money! Can you help us influence others to be more like you…

The Path to Success: The Perfect Interview Part 1

When you come into an interview with the confidence that your employment will result in saving the company time and money, produce better results or increase efficiency which all equate to a higher return on investment for your employer, your interviewer will listen to you from that perspective. Remember no company hires you because they have empty seats they hire you because you will help the company grow by making money, saving money or increasing efficiency. Your life and your career are YOURS, the only person that has the right to take away anything you have done is you!

The majority of hiring decisions these days are based on soft skills and a personality fit that can fit into the company culture. By standing out as a unique individual people will always associate to you based on what you are worth and the impression you made on them. Talk the talk and walk the walk, you are great at what you do and in this ever-changing competitive market the one that can prove in the interview that their skills both technical and soft would produce the highest return on investment will get the job!

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