I’m so excited and I just Can’t hide it. I’m about to get a job…

You should be feeling the sensation of landing that job you love. A renewed confidence resources at your finger tips and a confidence that you are on the right track. Hurrah! The more you know the better prepared you are, the quicker you get results the happier you are so lets make life even easier!

Many seek work online, but only look at 7-10 sites. In Congratulation’s you Hired: It was Easier than you thought you will have over 1500 sites per province per industry to help you with your job search. In the US version there are over 30,000 resources.

It’s now or never!

Here are some very important facts to know about online job searching and some great sites: Monster gets an average of 5,000 resumes a day. A successful online resume must contain many keywords related to the industry which must appear as close to the top as possible.

TIP: Online job searching most websites like Monster and Workopolis update the database daily around 11:30pm to 12:30 am. In order to get noticed make a slight change to your resume like adding a space or a period and save the changes before you go to bed. This will allow you to appear on the refresh saved search of employers and recruiters as any change you make forces your resume to the top of the database and therefore appear in the top 50 results of a saved searched that most hiring professionals use after doing the initial search.

When I was working in finance I applied to eight different positions within the bank. I got hired for one of them and three weeks after I got hired I received a letter from HR stating thank you for my application, the company will keep my resume on file. I took the letter to HR and asked them if I should be worried about my job. They looked at me, shrugged and said: “oops that was an automatic letter and never looked at your resume for the other positions.” This is something that happens quite commonly in large companies, which is why I recommend applying for a particular position multiple times especially online.

TIP: Apply to the same position at least 10X times as it forces your resume to get noticed. If a company calls you to tell you to stop applying they are seeing your resume. For most company’s; they get a minimum of 250 to as many as 3500 applications per postings especially in a recession! Often the company will try to choose a candidate from the first 50-100 resumes they receive. The more times you apply for a position the better your odds become of getting noticed. After sending a few applications call the company even when it says not to. AS an example: State that your computer or internet has been crashing and you are not sure if your application went through. This Forces HR to look for your resume and add it to the top of the pile as they physically search for it and pull it from the list of incoming resumes. Ask the person on the phone how quickly you can expect a response and permission to follow up. (Your enthusiasm and vim will impress the HR recruiter)

The strongest survive the Board Room.

KEY POINT: HR does not want to be overwhelmed with calls and that is why they ask you NOT to call. MOST people will adhere to this and therefore are not being proactive. After calling HR, go online and re-apply for the position again. A very small percentage of companies will be unhappy that you called and throw out your resume. By re-applying you are ensuring that you are in the running. Often, a thank you for applying letter, will automatically be sent even though the company never actually saw your resume.

To get you started here are a few sites. Keep in mind that in Congratulations you are hired: it was easier than you thought there are over 1500 sites by province by industry that are more specific and target and less known then the main street sites.

  1. https://www.accountingjobs.ca
  2. https://amateurtraveler.com
  3. https://allstarjobs.ca
  4. https://www.canadavisa.com
  5. http://www.canadianjobforce.com/jobsearch
  6. https://www.job.net
  7. https://www.careerbuilder.ca
  8. https://www.careercast.com/careers/jobsearch
  9. https://charityvillage.com
  10. https://collegegrad.com/jobs
  11. https://www.diversityworking.com
  12. http://www.driverlink.com
  13. http://www.eluta.ca
  14. http://www.extremejobs.ca
  15. http://www.goodworkcanada.ca
  16. http://www.groovejob.com/browse/jobs/in
  17. http://www.healthcarejob.ca
  18. http://www.higherbracket.ca
  19. http://www.ifind.ca
  20. http://www.ifreelance.com
  21. http://www.indeed.ca
  22. http://www.itjob.ca
  23. http://www.jobbank.gc.ca
  24. http://www.jobmire.com
  25. http://www.jobs-emplois.gc.ca/index-eng.htm
  26. http://www.jobpostcanada.com
  27. https://www.jobseekersdirectory.com
  28. http://www.kijiji.ca
  29. http://www.looppharmacyjobs.com
  30. http://www.medhunters.com
  31. http://www.mediajobsearchcanada.com
  32. http://www.monster.ca
  33. http://www.nextsteps.org/jobsearch
  34. http://www.now-hiring.ca
  35. http://www.nursejobshop.com
  36. http://www.simplyhired.ca
  37. http://www.spectrumjobsearch.com
  38. http://www.tc.gc.ca
  39. http://www.thingamajob.com
  40. http://www.trycanada.com/other_canadian_links/jobs.htm
  41. http://www.wearehiring.ca
  42. http://www.wehire.ca
  43. http://www.workopolis.com
  44. http://www.workpermit.com
  45. http://www.wowjobs.ca

Job finding is all about playing your cards and maximizing your efforts. Ask me questions and make comments. Most people get frustrated before they even start as they have NO clue when to even start. This blog will continue to give you insider tips that will ensure success. Share your stories share your concerns share your Knowledge.

YOU are more armed and ready for battle, YOU will conquer!

I’m so excited and I just Can’t hide it. I’m about to get a job…

Advantages of using networking for job finding

More and more Networking is becoming a great resource for finding a job. There is plenty of opportunity for you to network in person and online.

In person make sure you have a lot of energy and confidence. REFER to interview tips and SUCCESS Strategies to get you into a winning state. YOU want to make sure that what you have to say is of value and that you speak loudly and clearly enough to be heard. It is very IMPORTANT that what you say is remembered. It’s all about perspective!

TIP: Rather than talk about my duties and responsibilities, focus your answers on: your SUCCESSES, your CONTRIBUTIONS, RESULTS, your ACHIEVEMENTS, of your work. Add money figures, percentages, time figures, inventory controls, mention policies and procedures you created, Templates and Macros you used, operational efficiency suggestions etc. BE SPECIFIC. Use SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant in Time or Simple, Manageable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely), STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) or AIDA (Attention, Information, Desire, Action) to formulate your answers and always apply KISS (Keep It Simple and Short) when giving an answer.

Some great places to network in person include: Toastmasters, BNI, City Board of Trade’s, Industry recognized designations or associations, Gyms, Country Clubs, PMI sessions, cultural centers, religious centers, MEETUPS and more! BE BOLD say HELLO and start a conversation!

I’m so excited and I just Can’t hide it. I’m about to get a job…

For online networking use: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Craigslist, Kijiji, Reddit, blogs, Gmail, Yahoo, fiverr, odesk, elance, scriplance, YouTube, online dating sites, Google and others. Do not be afraid to ask for a recommendation and for help. Be humble when asking for help and emphasize you need help breaking into the industry/company.

Get people that are referring you to give you feedback on your resume or anything that might help you with the individual that you are being referred to. The more you know the better prepared you are. Read up on interesting facts about their professional or other accomplishments. Do a Google search to try and have more to discuss with the person who is accepting you as a referral from someone.

MILK your resources as before you know it you will have job offers pouring in! As always I welcome observations/questions/thoughts

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