Obvious but Effective: The Perfect Interview Part 2

A picture is worth 1000 words and a smile is will make the interview easy and fun. 95% of people forget to smile during the interview because they are nervous. Studies show that smiling will release endorphins that will help you relax and creates more rapport to have a conversation rather than question answer question answer in the interview.

Remember that a company that sets up an interview with you already feel something about your resume is of interest to them. The interview is to see who the best fit to the company culture will be, while proving the highest returns as they relate to saving money, making money or increasing efficiency… Alas interviewing is not just about who has the prettiest smile its a combination of a lot of little things including looks. Ah if only looks could kill… sometimes they can especially when your parents give you the “I am so disappointed in you glare…” In an interview as in the art of approaching a woman eye contact is very important! …as it gives the interviewer the respect they deserve…

Smile and Eye contact follows traditional accepted norms in Western Society. For those of you who are shy, or it is against your cultural or religious beliefs to look in the eyes, look just above the eye brows. This gives the interviewer the respect they deserve and does not go against your comfort level. This will help your confidence and value shine through which as I mentioned last blog is critical factor in your success. People will sense your energy and your value in the interview.

Obvious but Effective: The Perfect Interview Part 2

You have managed to get the interviewers attention. You are on your way to acing that interview! One of he BIGGEST mistakes people make in an interview starts with a wonderfully useless loaded question which is “Tell me about yourself”. Let’s be honest the interviewer does not care that you love to read or travel or that you have beautiful children and so forth as that does not help the company make more money, save more money or increase efficiency. If you are ever asked that question Pause, look the interviewer in the eyes or above the eye brows and ask them “where would you like me to begin”? What ever the interview indicates as a starting point they just gave you a very important hint as to what is important for them otherwise they would not ask. REMEMBER what the interviewer asked you to begin with and try to provide similar examples that relate to the idea or question later on in the interview as they will like maybe even love you even more for the position.

We all know that every business (government, private or public sector, not for profit) exists for 1 reason and 1 reason only to make money! The world revolves around it. As an employee you can make money in 3 ways: make it (usually sales and marketing) Save it (operations) or increase efficiency (macros, templates, policies, procedures, documentation etc that YOU personally create on the job). Gear your interview answers towards this and remember in the interview it’s not about you it’s about the company and how your employment can help them grow. EVERY answer that is related to your ability to make money, save money or increase efficiency has to be about them! Theodore Roosevelt captured the essence of the interview when he said “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”

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