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Helping organizations grow their business is what we do! We understand what keeps executives and business owners up at night. Our proven systems in training and development produces exceptional results in the core services of your business; to help improve your bottom line and solidify your company’s reputation as a leader and an innovator. Our trainers have the experience and knowledge to increase productivity across the board. It’s a lot more than the information it’s about employee engagement and buy in to go the extra mile and do more for their employer.

Customized workshops, training and consulting for specific audiences and their particular needs

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  • The Celebrate Group helped us redesign the way in which we do recruitment and redraft our employee retention strategies. Their ability to understand personality fit is unmatched by any other recruitment consultant we have worked with.

    — P. Spring CA, Partner
    SF Partnership

  • By implementing some of the many ideas for strategic and succession planning, Tata has been able to solidify its stand in the Canadian IT consulting market. The Celebrate Group was integral in ensuring we maximize efforts and revenues.

    — K. Bandner CHRP, HRM Senior Manager
    Tata Consulting Services

  • Josef is one of our most requested presenters. His high energy, ability to tell stories and humor combined with his extensive knowledge on how to market yourself have resulted in a much higher success rate to help new immigrants find jobs.

    — J. He Employment Consultant
    Acces Employment Services

  • Josef knows a lot! When we met I was just starting my business and his guidance and suggestions have helped me immensely. I ended up using his recommendations to develop our company’s systems and processes. I found that not only did his service delivery go beyond my expectations, but he was able to help me revolutionize my approach to the way I run my business. I am still using his suggestions many years after we initially met.

    Alexei Schwartzman — Alexei Schwartzman
    CFP Schwartzman Financial

  • Matan Volach — Matan Volach
    Owner of Edible IQ

  • Joe is a funny brilliant entrepreneur with exceptional know-how in his field which came through loud and clear in our preliminary consulting call. He was quick to define what we needed and provided suggestions and strategy for success. His confidence, experience and enthusiasm went right to work!

    — Andrea Nadon
    Co-Owner Travel Agents In Action

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