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How would you like to have a resume that get noticed and get results?

Do you want to have multiple job offers to get the maximum salary?

Do you want to get a job you love?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions than this is the system for you. We transform the experience of finding a job you love by sharing proven techniques to optimize your job search. We hold your hand providing tools, techniques and tricks to get the maximum results with the fastest response in the industry to help you land the position of your dreams. We show you it is not your ability, just your approach and strategy to getting the job you want!

  • You learn how to write a resume that gets noticed
  • The 7 Rules to a WOW interview that ensures YOU are the standard for all applicants.
  • Understand Psychology of questions and why employers ask them.
  • You learn tricks to beat the online databases.
  • How and what to do so that recruiters are EXCITED to place you.
  • Optimize your LinkedIn and Social Media to get companies to notice you.
  • You learn the art of networking to ensure you stand out and are desired.
  • Asking for referrals and get referrals.
  • Get the SALARY you deserve.
  • What questions you should ask at the end of the interview.
  • Thank you letters and strategies that show you go the extra mile.
  • Warm calling a company to create a position just for YOU.
  • Where to Network to get in front of the right decision makers.
  • How to Network the right way!
  • Outside the box strategies to have companies notice you!

We have helped over 10,000 people find a job they love in as little as 2 days. Why not YOU?

Resource Guide

book cover

Congratulations You Are Hired:

It was easier than you thought

The ultimate resource guide to help anyone in any industry find a job they love.

  • Links to all sites to find work
  • Links to employment agencies/recruiters
  • Custom resumes, Cover letters, Thank you letters
  • Most interview questions that are not pure technical and how to answer any interview question with the 7 rules to a WOW interview that GUARANTEES results!

Go get hired!

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On Amazon in Paperback or kindle. On Smashwords in eBook.

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On Amazon in Paperback or kindle. On Smashwords in eBook.

  • Josef Stetter is an amazing presenter and the trusted authority in the job search strategies. In the area of job search optimization he is unequalled. He delivers more content than any speaker I’ve seen in over 10 years. He delivers relevant strategies and tremendous value.

    Barry Spilchuk — Barry Spilchuk
    Co-author: A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul®

  • Josef was asked to come in as a guest speaker to speak about the job market and how to approach finding the right fit. His energy and enthusiasm and motivational messages combined with his knowledge on the subject matter caused my students to request his speaking services on a regular basis.

    — Sandra Zicherman
    Doctoral Candidate (ABD) Department of Sociology

  • The PhD of job finding, Go Get Hired enjoy your life!

    David Corbin — David Corbin
    Mentor to the Mentors Author, Speaker, Inventor Advisor

  • I hired Josef as a career coach and thanks to his resume and interview tips I had in a few weeks more interviews than I had in a while. He was supportive all the way and gave me alot of resources of job search. I highly reccomend his services.

    Shiran Vilkoeuski— Shiran Vilkoeuski
    Regulatory Affairs Project Manager

  • In 2012, I worked with Joe. He coached me in several different arenas of business, from interviewing skills to resumes and more. The best outcome I received from working with Joe had nothing to do with career. I was having some significant issues with my oldest daughter and didn’t know how to connect with her. Joe coached me around beginning to repair my relationship with my oldest daughter. His suggestion of writing a letter worked wonders! He made some suggestions on wording so that things would land properly. They did! Any time I have found my daughter and I drifting, I remember his coaching, and I reach out to her. My daughter and I are much closer than we used to be and I know that part of the reason for that is because of Joe’s coaching. He listens and has your best interests at heart. If you are looking for a well-rounded, thoughtful, results-oriented coach, look no further than Joe!

    Wende Fahey— Wende Fahey
    Lighting the way for you to experience a complete life transformation through Wholistic Mentoring & Intuitive Guidance.

  • A few years ago Josef coached me on his Principles of Communicating with Management and Succeeding in Interviews. To this day I use these principles for dealing with both upper management and with subordinates. His principles have helped me excel during numerous occasions; both in my current role and when I was applying for new positions in the past.

    He is soft-spoken, he has an amazing communication style, and he is immensely experienced. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to grow professionally within their existing role, or when applying for new positions.

    Boris Dehtiar— Boris Dehtiar
    Marketing Manager, East-Court Ford Lincoln

  • Josef’s positive attitude, listening skills, and ability to coach assisted Campus Support in their A+ system roll-out. Five Canadian provinces, thirty-five branches, and over one-hundred constituents participated in A+. Josef’s ability to remain composed, and his drive to represent excellence allowed our B.C. branches to receive, use, and implement the A+ program effectively.

    Glen Smethurst— Glen Smethurst

  • Josef is an incredibly passionate speaker and coach who doesn’t kid when it comes to results. He has on numerous occasions helped me to succeed in achieving and attaining my goals in business. He takes his time go over details to ensure you fully understand his teaching. His book is a one of a kind reference guide you should not leave home without.

    — Zeyn E.
    Talent Specialist

  • Josef was a great help when I started job searching, he helped to break down the process so it didn’t seem like an overwhelming job in its self. From resume formatting/writing, to proper networking techniques, Josef gave me practical hands on tools and skills that gave me the confidence to apply and approach potential employers.

    Throughout the process, Josef was available for a quick question or a chat when needed. His understanding of the job search process coupled with his easy-going, approachable personality really helped me to take it one step at a time until I found and landed the job I always wanted!

    Maxine Silberg— Maxine Silberg RD MPH
    Registered Dietitian

  • Josef was a pleasure to deal with. His coaching was inspiring and to the point. Thanks to him, I got a three month internship in a highly competitive environment (40-60 people for a position). His advice helped me advance through selection process: instead of two or more interviews I was accepted after one.

    — Ayna Bogdanova
    Graphic Designer

  • Josef Stetter, the author of the highly recommended "must-have" book, titled "CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE HIRED: IT WAS EASIER THAN YOU THOUGHT", is one of the most innovative, articulate, and caring career counselors and teachers that I have seen. Coming from a purely technical background with limited interpersonal skills, I learned lots of fine details about resume and letter writing, interview process (including mock interviews), salary & benefits negotiation, and communications skills from him personally, and also from his book.

    The result was me being hired immediately on the spot at 2 different companies in a span of 2 years.

    In addition, he is a very personable and approachable individual, always willing to help, advise, and to answer my questions.
    With no hesitation, I strongly recommend Josef Stetter for any related job or career counselling & motivational talks.

    Robert Zadeh— Robert Zadeh

  • I have recommended Joseph to many clients to and having seen the results I believe he is the best in the industry. He delivers with a great ease.

    — Liv Babra
    Artist Sculptor @ Studioliv. CEO Optimum Debt Solution Consultants Inc.

  • I highly recommend him for his services. He put a excellent resume together for me. He also provided consulting for me and places where there are job opportunities available to me in my field. Thank you Josef!

    — Guy Johnson III
    Retail Sales at T-Mobile

  • I have been very lucky to be apart of Josef’s life.

    He is one of the smartest and in control people I have ever met. Not just that he has helped me in so many way when it comes to what he teaches that I have enjoyed working for a company that I was afraid I wouldn’t be apart of.

    I am happy to say we took the time together that I needed and made the best resume I have ever seen.

    Thank you Josef. You are one of the greatest guys I have had a chance to meet. If there is anyway I can help you... I am always happy to help.

    Brett McDermott— Brett McDermott
    CEO/Creative Pro at Creative Empire Pro/ Entrepreneur

  • Josef Stetter holds a treasure chest full of golden nuggets of knowledge on helping people get hired. His expertise and coaching helped me gain the confidence and competence to know I won’t ever have to worry about going unemployed for long. With his coaching and techniques I’ve been able to get several job inquiries and improve my salary within 6 weeks of coaching. I’ve greatly improved my resume, job searching ability, salary negotiating and job interviewing skills.

    Hire Josef on as a career coach and you won’t have to worry about unemployment ever again. At a minimum you should buy his book when it comes out.

    Charles Polanski— Charles Polanski
    Online Bookseller at Cobalt Guava and Freelance Proofreader

  • Josef did an amazing job while job coaching me to get my career started. He is committed to your success from the beginning to the end. If you don’t succeed he won’t give up until you are happy with your results. His amazing effort and focus on your success got me an amazing position as a Project Manager Coordinator at a start-up where I am able to hone my skills. Thanks Josef!!!

    Ronen Gaisiner— Ronen Gaisiner
    Account Manager at Global Industrial, a Systemax Company

  • I had the privilege of having Josef coaching my career hunting efforts. His knowledge of the field is superb, I found his insights to be very helpful and addressed my questions and needs. I also appreciated a lot his style; he is very capable of conveying clearly his message to his clients in a witty and sometimes even humorous way. I would not hesitate to work with Josef again in the future.

    — Eddie Tafber, MBA, PMP, CMA (US)
    Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis at SNC-Lavalin

  • My resume needed a facelift and Josef was the man for the job. I would highly recommend Josef for any career coaching, whether it is resume writing or interview preparation. He is a detailed oriented service provider that has a keen eye for detail and the knowledge to back him up.

    Rebecca Adler— Rebecca Adler
    UX Designer and Social Media specialist

  • I highly recommend Josef’s career coaching and resume/cover letter writing services to anyone who is job hunting or looking to change careers. Thanks to Josef, I was recently hired by Apotex Pharmaceuticals, a company I wanted to work for since my university days. Josef is very good at what he does. His services are amazing!

    Julie Bam— Julie Bam
    Front End Developer

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