Cookies are meant for eating not for resume writing & interviewing

Have you ever stopped to think what about me is Unique or different? How do I leave my mark and stand out above the crowd? Have you ever asked your friends why they like you or why they chose you as a friend?

The answer to any of these questions is what you need to understand to maximize your job search. No one cares about your duties…That’s right don’t list the duties of the job description. An employer knows exactly what the job description is expected to do. For Example: If you are a receptionist and you write on your resume or say in the interview I answered the phones. I and everyone interviewer will look at you and say: “Really? A receptionist that answers the phones, I did not know that…” Yes, I am sarcastic and when I tell this to people they usually laugh. The reality is that does not tell me why you, what makes you better than other applicants. You need to give me qualitative and quantitative measures that can help me measure how good you really are. If a receptionist tells me that she answered 100 calls a day with 15 different lines I as the interviewer can measure if you can handle the volume of work for the company, you are applying for.

Cookies are meant for eating not for resume writing & interviewing

Understand and this is KEY, no matter what you have done in life BIG or small the only person that has a right to take it away from you is YOU!!!! What you might think is small and insignificant detail or a part of daily routine of your job could be the most important detail to the person that is interviewing you.

Dare to make your resume and interview STAND OUT

So how do I get away from the cookie cutter resume and interview? That is boring and makes it 10X harder to find a job…

The answer is simple: Think about what you tell your family, your friends, your partner about your job… the details the unusual or unique experiences and add them to your resume. A receptionist rarely comes homes and tells their partner I answered more calls today, i sorted some mail, I sent an email and typed a letter…Usually its a conversation that goes: You will never guess what happened today, or you won’t believe how much work I had or I learned … Use the examples from your experiences in your resume to add flavor and show what you are capable of.

Stories and numbers or results sell and is what all employers seek as every company wants to make more money, save more money or increase efficiencies which all mean the same things…the company is moving forward and the bank account is getting bigger.

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