The Myth about Cover Letters…

Ah the cover letter, the stress we go through to write the perfect words that can show our excellent communication skill, our team work, our interpersonal skills, our attention to detail and so forth… We agonize over every word trying to achieve perfection… and for what? The truth is most employers these days DO NOT have the time or the resources to read your cover letter. Furthermore, very few people will write or say in an interview, I’m lazy, I will show up late, non-of my work will be any good, my communications is really awful and most of all I hate people…. not unless they are comedic geniuses.

EVERY job order I have ever seen requires excellent communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills, hard working, flexible and team-oriented individuals. These soft skills are extremely relative as every company and every industry has their own culture. For example, in public accounting during tax season every accountant works about 80 hours a week. That is normal or standard so does that mean that hard working is 100 hrs per week?

The Myth about Cover Letters…

Excellent communications skills means what? I have yet to win a world championship of public speaking but given that I have lectured in front of as many as 3000 people in a shot and coach others not to mention have been involved in a GREAT organization called Toastmasters International for over 6 years. This organization helps people Master the art of public speaking, being funnier, and helps people of all cultures and backgrounds significantly improve their ability to communicate and give feedback as well as helps you control the use of crutches like um, er, but, you know, like etc. This organization helped pave the way for me to become a professional speaker which is fantastic as I get paid to do what I love: TALK. Their website is: toastsmasters.org. Communication varies in style and ability and is also subjective.

Simply put your cover letter is your chance to tell a great story about yourself. Don’t be afraid to show some creativity and originality just like your resume.

Here a few great openers for Cover letters that demonstrate originality and creativity:

Cover Letter 1


What am I looking for? I’m looking for an exceptional company who is looking for an exceptional employee who will deliver exceptional results. I know what you’re thinking — that’s what everyone promises. Well the difference here is that it’s true. I can “run with the ball without tripping”. I can “pull the goalie and win the game”. I can play “long ball, hard ball” and any other type a ball you want to throw at me. And if sports analogies don’t do it for you — how about my “can do attitude”, my “creative approach” and my ability to “live in the details and still keep the big picture in mind”? Still not convinced, well proceed to my qualifications for my next pitch.


I have built my career around helping companies and individuals do battle against those forces that would destroy their bottom line. Whether it be looming time lines, the choke hold of small budgets, diminishing market share, formidable competitors, a dissatisfied sales force, unruly product managers, unreliable suppliers, the down sizing, upsizing or right sizing of a company, to the decision to re-brand or not to re-brand; the need to find employment, motivation or inspiration… I have met these foes head on, rescuing numerous projects and budgets from the graveyard where good ideas sometimes go to die. Bottom line — I have saved my past employers both time and money which as you know means the same thing. At this point you should be asking yourself, “What do we have to lose if we don’t hire Josef?” The quick answer — “A lot”. The long answer — “See below”.

Cover Letter 2

Name, an accomplished <<Insert Profession>> with a distinguished 10(+) year career of overachievement, milestones, awards and adulations. He has always excelled in any task he set out to achieve; he is considered to be a “a man of the people”. He is looking to put his passion and dedication for <<Company Name>>. He has personally list a few KEY HIGHLIGHTS, won business and cultivated long-term relationships that have generated consistent return on investment, satisfaction and excitement.

<<NAME>> is admired and respected for his exceptional business development abilities and bottom-line contribution. A dynamic leader who is success driven and has always led by example, <<NAME>> has mentored and coached a plethora of accomplished professionals. His exceptional communication skills and energetic personality along with a positive reinforcement management philosophy has inspired and motivated teams resulting in success flourishing to others.

<<NAME>> is a proponent of “WIN WIN” solutions. He truly wants to find and promote solutions/strategies that will result in the best interest for all parties involved. His intrinsic motivation gives him the natural ability to develop instant rapport and foster long term relationships with individuals, clients, business partners and co-workers alike. He understands that true professional needs to listen in order to understand the needs/criteria of the given situation, to develop the best strategy in order to implement the “WIN WIN.”

His drive has led to his desire to do even more; by taking his love for coaching and mentoring others combined and his passion for interacting with others as a synergy and focus of an instructor, Career Counselor or Director of Admissions for Everest College. His combined education and business academia has made him a “peak performer” that instilled the knowledge for his “Blueprint for Success”!

Through preparation, implementation, repetition & inspiration are passion & drive instilled encapsulating the “Blueprint for Success!”

People do not plan to fail… People fail to plan…

I look forward to further discussing how I can contribute <<Company Name>>.

More letters to come…

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