Creativity in Job Finding…

Get YOUR ideal job by thinking outside the box.

Do NOT be afraid to be creative in finding the perfect job for you. The more creative and resourceful you are to get noticed and stand out the higher the odds of being employed. Here are a few great real-life stories to give you ideas to inspire you to think outside the box:

Look at problems from all angles

Creativity in Job Finding…

  1. I know of someone was working in retail shoe sales, whose wife passed away and he was left with three kids. He decided it was time to create better opportunities for him and his kids and that retail management was not where he wanted to be. Once in school he noticed a position with Nike to be a director of marketing, he knew he was perfect for the job but was concerned that he would never get noticed as there would be over 500 applicants for this job. His admissions advisor asked if he trusted him and promised he would be one of the 20 chosen for an interview. The gentleman replied yes, and the admission advisor asked him to go buy a pair of Nike shoes at a value of less than $100 and not to ask any questions. The next day, the student came in with the shoes, the admission advisor printed his resume and typed a 2-sentence cover letter that stated now that I have my foot in the door can I get an opportunity to show you what I can do. Both were rolled into the shoes with the cover letter in the left shoe. On top of the box there was instructions to make sure left shoe first. The shoe box was mailed to the director of HR and the individual got hired.

  2. Had a candidate who went to a fortune cookie maker and had him type customized messages about what a great candidate he is and how he stands out above the competition for a position. The fortune cookies were delivered to a senior VP and the entire team. Each member of the team as well as the VP when they opened their fortune cookie received confirmation of why this candidate needed to be hired. The buzz in the office and enthusiasm that was created generated a new position that was customized for the individual.

  3. Had a candidate that paid some window washers to stick his resume on the VP’s window from the outside and stick multiple copies on the window so that the executive would not miss the resume. As a result the individual got hired.

  4. Was interested in a position I did not have enough qualifications or education for. I could not get through to the decision maker so I decided to think outside the box. I went and bought some Belgian chocolates. I wrote my cover letter around the guide that explains what each chocolate is and had my resume both on the inside cover and under the chocolates and sent it to HR. HR enjoyed my chocolates so much that they made sure to set me up for an interview where I got the job.

  5. Had flowers delivered to the hiring manager, on the note it said if you like this can you imagine how much you will be smiling if you hired me. Call XXX-XXX-XXXX.

  6. Had a candidate go to the dollar store and buy stress balls and other small nick knack’s related to the profession. Put the nick knacks in gift bags and had them delivered to the team. Inside was a little note that said this team can be more productive while having more fun with me on it. Call at…She got the job.

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