Do I have to have everything in a job description to get the job?

Hi Ron,

Thank you for your inquiry. Most people think that there resume has to have everything the job description asks for. This is far from the truth.

Most recruiters will tell you that if you have 60-65% of what a job description is looking for you are considered a good candidate. With the exception of very technical jobs like engineers in most cases skills can be learned and decisions are made on personality matching. People hire you because they believe you can help the company grow and succeed by making them more money, saving them more money and increasing their efficiency. In the interview they get a feeling that they like you and think that they can work with you. You do not need to add every detail of the job description to your resume as in many cases you can demonstrate similar experiences by emphasizing the results and explaining why it would apply to the company you are interviewing with. Keep confident with what you know.

Even if you are coming from a competitor job descriptions or duties are never exactly identical. Each company has their own ways of doing things and their own culture. As such the similarities and results you have produced will determine your fit with anyone you are interviewing with.

Be true to who you are! Be confident in what you have done and always emphasize why your skills match the company’s needs.

Do I have to have everything in a job description to get the job?

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