The Tango Continues: The Perfect Interview Part 3

Finding the perfect job is an art with very specific and calculated steps. Every little reaction and behavior counts towards the climatic moment when you hear Congratulations You’re Hired! Like dating you are not always a match and sometimes need to try a few times to claim victory.

The Tango Continues: The Perfect Interview Part 3

So let’s make sure you are armed and dangerous so much so; that once an employer meets you, they won’t want to meet another candidate; as they will realize the pain and losses of NOT hiring someone as Amazing as YOU.

So you came in with confidence, you shined the pearly whites, you gazed into their eyes and you are making it about them. Good Start, now its time to bring the BIG GUNS out and leave no prisoners… It’s time to show just exactly what you are worth and why it’s a crime not to hire you because you talk the talk and walk the walk!

I see it all you are HIRED

Have at least 5 examples from your life and your career that have:

That you personally created or contributed! Try to use Power words like Success, Contribution, Achievement, Results in describing your abilities, your talents. Using these words will also re-instate that confidence in arriving at the interview. Sit proud, chest out, Annunciation just how valuable you are! START your sentences with such words. REMEMBER what you might think is small and insignificant or even routine could be the most important thing to the company that is interviewing you! No matter how big or small your achievements, the only person who has the right to take them away or belittle what you have done is YOU!

I will give you one of the BIGGEST insider information ever: ready, wait for it, wait for it………

Although my book provides over 1000 interview questions there are maybe 25 original questions, the rest are the same question worded slightly differently. You should be able to answer any question related to your work or school experience with your power words examples. So, tell me about, describe for me, give me an example, how would you is ALL the same question!!!!!! Who would have thunk it….

Make sure to give details in your example. At the end of the example offer a 2nd one or just give one. When an interviewer asks you to expand or give a second example they just HINTED very loudly that they love what you are saying so guess what you are WOWING your potential employer. Your energy matches your desire!

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