Show me the $$$: Part 1 for Salary Negotiations…

It’s all about the Benjamins

If applying through a recruiter/head-hunter or employment agency let them negotiate salary on your behalf. Your recruiter works on commission and is trained and understands the client better. The more money he can arrange/negotiate for you the more he makes. Tell the interviewer that you will leave the salary negotiations to your recruiter. Everybody wins!

The KEY to salary negotiation is confidence in what you bring to the table and your ability to contribute to the success of the company you are applying to. REMEMBER, the company needs someone to make them more money, save them more money or increase their efficiency if not all three. Remind the company of your achievements and why you are so good at what you do. Try avoiding giving a specific number, it is better to use a range, unless the interviewer has asked you several times a variation on the salary question especially in a 1st interview.

The company needs someone that will get results in terms of making them more money, saving them more money and increasing efficiencies. If a company truly believes you can do the job better than other candidates, they have met they will be willing to accommodate their range and scope to bring you on board. Some sites include:

  1. canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/corporate/portfolio/service-canada.html
  2. payscale.com/research/CA/Country=Canada/Salary
  3. workopolis.com/work.aspx?action=Transfer&View=Content/Common/ResourceCentre/RCSalaryGuideView
  4. livingin-canada.com/work-salaries-wages-canada.html
  5. roberthalf.com
  6. career-advice.monster.ca/salary-benefits/careers.aspx
  7. hays.ca/forms/salary-guide-registration.aspx
  8. erieri.ca
  9. salaryexpert.com
  10. towerswatson.com/canada-english/services/Data-Services
  11. salary.com/mysalary.asp workfutures.bc.ca
  12. workingincanada.gc.ca

Do some salary research to find out detailed information about what the market is paying for your skills and background from websites like monster, Workopolis, PayScale. jobfutures.ca etc.

Here are some sample answers to the salary question. Only use the one you fill comfortable using, given your personality and Confidence. The samples of answers below are designed to demonstrate your confidence and worth without limiting you to a number that will cap your compensation.

TIP: Unless an interviewer asks you 3-6 times for a specific salary it is better not to use numbers in your answers. Remember you bring something to the table that is why they are interviewing you and your examples will demonstrate why you can get results and why you would be a great fit for them. After each response go back to discussing how you would be a great fit for the company thus ensuring the salary is not what is the main determinant of you getting the position.

Even with the best preparations sometimes we say things by accident or things don’t come out right…

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