Some humor in transitioning back to the blog

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Have you ever seen the movie The G-ds must be crazy it is an old movies from the 80′s that is brilliant as it points out just how much Western Society need to adjust our environment in order to ensure we fit a square peg into a round hole better known as: giving everything a time slot and always doing something in order to maximize our efficiency. We go go go and often forget to stop and smell the roses.

Enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer or slow down to realize life is more than a pay check… It’s an uphill battle that causes Heart Attacks and strokes. We become ill as we don’t take care our selves. Similar brilliant movies include I ♥ Huckabees or What the Bleep Do We Know!? or The Secret?

So, to lighten the mood and get you to smile and laugh here are some REAL stories of what NOT to do in an interview…

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Some humor in transitioning back to the blog

Hmm who would have thunk this cost me an interview…

  1. One of my clients was in the office supply business and needed a senior account executive base salary of 150K and 150K in commissions incentives. The HR recruiter was one of the most stiff and rigid women I have ever met. I am talking British proper with a buttoned shirt all the way to the chin, proper etiquette, perfect posture…1st question of the Interview the recruiter asks: what motivates you in life? My candidate responded SEX and MONEY in that order and then proceeded to give her the gun and the wink. Needless to say, interview was done after 1 question.
  2. Had a client that needed a graphic designer. My candidates showed up with no portfolio…strike one. First question of the interview Tell me about this job? Nice easy simple question you would think…Candidate responds with I really don’t know why I got paid I did not think my work was that good…She wanted to be honest…interview was quickly done shortly after and I lost the client for sending such a candidate. Interestingly enough I spent over an hour coaching this candidate what to say with some of the tips from Celebrate You’re Hired. Goes to show…and then people wonder why they can’t get a job.
  3. Placed a girl in a financial company as an administrator in middle of December. Even though she was only with the company for a week they wanted her to feel part of the family and invited her to the Christmas party. That was the beginning of the end. The girl showed up in an outfit that left very little to the imagination and was very see through. Talk about classy! She then proceeded to get completely plastered within a half hour. Strike 2 and the icing on the cake was her deciding to grab one of the vp’s and French kiss him in front of his wife! when he threw her off him, she turned around and started making out with the first woman she saw…Let’s just say no one at that company will ever forget that Christmas party. She was fired the next day and the client spent 2 hours yelling at me for sending her. Like I had any control or knowledge what she does outside of work.
  4. Have interviewed several candidates that burped or farted during the interview and they were not the small excuse me kind…Let’s just say made the interview rather entertaining…

We are human we all make mistakes, but push come to shove there is a standard and an etiquette that Congratulations You’re Hired has mastered in ensuring people get the jobs they want and love!

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